When your workspace is a comfortable one, you are more likely to be focused on the work at hand instead of fidgeting and suffering from strain. To set up an ergonomically correct work area it’s important to consider aspects like spacing, comfort, and correct posture. Here are ten easy steps to follow and make sure your workspace will keep you comfortable and productive.

1). Choose a comfortable chair that accurately fits your height and supports your spinal curve.

2). Sit with your feet flat on the floor adjusting your knees and hips to a 90-degree angle.

3). Your monitor should be placed at eye level in front of you about two feet away.

4). Get a desk that has plenty of space underneath for your legs to move comfortably.

5). Keep essential technology tools such as your keyboard, mouse, and phone close to you to avoid strenuous reaching.

6). Adjust your chairs arm rests so that your arms rest lightly on them and help your shoulders to relax.

7). If possible, use a headset or speaker option for your telephone. This will help limit your reaching for making and receiving phone calls.

8). Use cushioned pads for your desk and mouse pad to give your wrists comfort and support.

9). Incorporate stretching into your working routine. Be sure to focus on your shoulders, wrists, neck, and legs.

10). Take breaks to get up and move around throughout the day.