Every year on January 1st people create resolutions for the upcoming year. These are goals and changes they wish to make to improve their lives either physically, emotionally, or financially. Some people make a resolution to lose weight, eat healthy, save money, or visit new places. When developing our resolutions, one place we should consider is the workplace. Just like our personal lives, in our professional lives there is always room for improvement too. Looking for a workplace resolution this year? Here are some ideas to help get you started!


  1. Become More Engaged

When you’re engaged at work it leads to higher productivity. There are so many ways you can increase your engagement at work by making small changes. Start by breaking down big goals into smaller sub-goals so you can have more “small wins” throughout the week. When you achieve a victory at work you are more likely to remain motivated and stay on a productive path. You could also reconfigure your workspace to increase productivity. Adjustments could include placing work tools, such as keyboards, a mouse, or laptop closer to you to avoid discomfort and reaching. Upgrading to a quality task chair, desk, and other office furniture can increase your comfortability, which will make distractions less likely and improving your overall focus.

  1. Improve Your Health

A large portion of the day for many people is spent working, whether at the office or at their home. During these hours it is important to make health-conscious choices, as it is the majority of your day. Eat sensibly throughout the day and make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Another important thing to consider, is to take frequent small breaks in between working. During your breaks make sure to spend time away from your screen, walking around, and stretching out your muscles. A lunch time walk can be a great way to get some exercise and boost your focus when you return back to work as well. Lastly, always be sure to practice safe ergonomics while at your desk to keep your body free of aches, strains, and pain.

  1. Create (At Least) One Networking Connection Per Month

Expanding your professional network is extremely important for both personal and company growth. Attending networking events both in-person and online can provide a great avenue for you to exchange ideas with other professionals. Communicating with thought leaders in different industries can lead to a growth in your own self-confidence as well. And most importantly, networking can help build and develop long lasting professional relationships.

  1. Measure Work-Life Balance

While devoting your time and focus during work hours is important, it is also important to build a work-life balance so you can maintain your physical and mental health. To create balance, it’s important to prioritize your time wisely. Create specific work hours and stick to them. Throughout the work day, don’t forget to take small breaks and to be realistic with your goals eliminating unneeded stress for yourself.

  1. Learn a New Skill

Developing new professional skills, whether they are in your industry or not, can be very beneficial for your personal growth. New skills can help make you more adaptable in your current position and help you to stay knowledgeable. Not to mention it will change up your daily workplace routine which will reduce boredom and could also be fun.