Throughout the United States, and especially within New York state, government officials are relaxing COVID-19 restrictions. 

Flashback to the beginning of the pandemic when offices had to closeFrom that point on, guidelines were produced for businesses looking to gradually reopen. As a business owner or executive, you took the reins to ensure the health and safety of your employees through social distancing of desks and re-arranging the office.  

But will the office return to the way it once was?  

Here are three ways office design could change post-pandemic: 

Additional Privacy Barriers and Separated Workspaces 

Offices where employee workspaces are meant for collaboration may be a thing of the past. For the return to work, offices had to construct barriers or shields to separate employees. These temporary offerings may now become incorporated within office design on a longterm basis 

Touchless Takeaways 

Technological upgrades may be installed to provide touchless contact for everyday office needs. For instance, you could eliminate the need for employees to touch light switches, doors, and even the coffee machine.   

Say Goodbye to Porous Materials   

You may begin to see more material within offices that can withstand heavy cleaning and the use of cleaning products. Porous surfaces such as natural woods may be set aside for more durable material such as stone and laminates. This also holds true with carpeting. You may begin to see more solution-dyed carpets with moisture-barrier backing so they can be shampooed without damage 

At Standard Commercial Interiors, we understand that your employees are your company’s greatest asset. Ensuring health and safety within the workplace is achievable through strategic design implementationContact our team today for a free office design consultation.