How would you describe a traditional office? Many people envision a large open area with cubicles, permanent offices lining the wall, and shared spaces like conference rooms and break rooms. 

Recently, open concept offices have been all the rage. Many businesses have eliminated the traditional divided workplace settings, incorporating the hub principle. Employees sit around large tables which promotes teamwork and comraderyBut studies are showing that this design approach may not achieve the goals of making employees happier, more productive, and more collaborative. 

According to a Harvard study, open concept designs are making your staff less collaborative. The researchers even note that open architecture triggers a natural human response to withdraw from face-to-face interaction. 

At SCI, we believe in encouraging synergy to bolster a happy workplace. In a previous post, we mentioned a 2013 Chapman University study which found that individuals tend not to work together when they are not incentivized to do so. Improving your office’s design will help encourage teamwork, leading to more productive employees, and increased revenue.  

What are the advantages of employees being stashed away in cubicles/offices and forcing them to share a large conference table as their workspace? 

What is the solution?

Even though research shows that open concept means less collaboration, employers should offer the opportunity to increase office space as needed. 

Our team of designers are available to help design offices that encourage creativity. 

Adding moveable walls is a great way to promote collaboration and creativity while providing some division within your office space. This product allows you to reconfigure the area whether that means opening it up to house larger parties for brainstorming, or to enclose work zones when your team is on deadline and privacy is necessary. 

At Standard Commercial Interiors, we can enhance your aesthetic with customizable, state-of-the-art, movable walls. If you are interested in learning more about this product, call our team today at (518) 433-0029.