Educational Furniture

At SCI, our team is ready to help redesign your educational space. Servicing New York State and the New England area, we offer furniture for both K-12 and higher education. Whether you are looking to refresh your classroom, library, cafeteria, or media center, our design team will help bring your vision to life.

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ruckus class9 lectern - Educational Furniture
HON Revel Smartlink 500 001 - Educational Furniture

Standard Commercial Interiors is WBE certified and a NYS Contract Authorized Dealer. We offer quality educational furniture from several brands, including Krueger International (KI), HON, Smith System and Diversified.

ruckus class12b pldesks tables stackchairs students 1 - Educational Furniture
HON Build SmartLink 500 008 - Educational Furniture
HON 2 002 - Educational Furniture
HON Revel 500 001 1 - Educational Furniture