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Back to School- Educational Design Concepts

A thoughtful design has the power to transform any space, and student spaces are no exception. It is important to invest in the next generation and set them up for the best chance of success. When done correctly, design helps to provide an enjoyable and nurturing...

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Spruce Up Your Office Space This Spring

In the words of famed author Leo Tolstoy, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.”   Spring often brings with it a sense of rebirth and optimism.   The smell of the fresh air. The beautiful colors in bloom. The...

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Defining Your Office Space with Movable Walls

How would you describe a traditional office? Many people envision a large open area with cubicles, permanent offices lining the wall, and shared spaces like conference rooms and break rooms.  Recently, open concept offices have been all the...

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Three Ways to Reduce Stress Through Office Design

Job stress is a topic that is frequently discussed in the United States and high-stress levels outpace other countries. The International Labour Organization states that Americans work 137 more hours per year than Japanese workers. The study continues to say that...

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Creating Happy Workplaces

When you began your professional career, what was the first impression of the office from which you worked? Did the design affect your motivation to produce quality content, how you collaborated with your colleagues, or even how long you stayed with the company?...

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Back to Work: How Office Design Could Change Post-Pandemic

Throughout the United States, and especially within New York state, government officials are relaxing COVID-19 restrictions.  Flashback to the beginning of the pandemic when offices had to close: From that point on, guidelines were produced for businesses looking...

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Make the Move: Why You Should Begin Your Office Redesign Now

Are you looking to redesign your office space? If so, now may be the best time to make the move.   Our team has seen some incredible transformations, starting from the development of design plans to the final touches by our installation department.   Why is right...

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The Benefits of Having Plants in the Workplace

Most people spend up to 40 hours a week in their office. Adding personal touches and fun décor to your workspace can help make you feel a little more “at home” in the office. One of the top office décor trends right now is going green by adding plants throughout...

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