There are so many initiatives in the world currently trying to prevent plastic pollution in our oceans. You could be sitting on one of them right now in your office.

The Smart™ Ocean Chair was the first ergonomic task chair to be created with recycled fishing nets. Net Positiva, a fishing net collection and recycling program in Chile, cleans the nets then they are broken down into pellets. These pellets have been used to produce products such as sunglasses and skateboards, and now even office task chairs. Each chair is made up of 2 pounds of recycled fishing nets and is Living Product certified.

According to a study published in Scientific Reports in March 2018, 46% of the 79,000 tons of plastic pollution in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch consists of fishing nets. By recycling the fishing nets at the end of their use it keeps them out of the ocean and helps prevent environmental issues that pollution can lead to. Not only is the Smart™ Ocean Chair comfortable and ergonomically correct, but it also contributes to saving our ocean one chair at a time.