In the words of famed author Leo Tolstoy, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.”  

Spring often brings with it a sense of rebirth and optimism.  

The smell of the fresh air. The beautiful colors in bloom. The sunshine. The increased daylight. This time of year is invigorating and naturally signals time for change. Many people start deep cleaning and updating their homes, and by extension, you also should be thinking about your office space and how minimal change can yield great results 

With more people returning to their offices, now is the perfect time to think about modifying your workplaceWhether you consider a major overhaul or a few minor modifications, the SCI team will work within your budget and room dimensions to design a beautiful space outfitted exactly the way you want.  

It’s no surprise that when you and your team have a clean aesthetic and a modern, organized place in which to work, everyone is bound to be much more creative, productive, and inspired.  

The design library at Standard Commercial Interiors has a multitude of options to reinvent and spruce up your space for spring.  

With the addition of customizable filing systems, storage units, and lockers, you can easily eliminate paper from desks, tote bags off floors and keep jackets out of sight behind closed doorsThese collections from Haworth can quickly transform your space 

Get organized with some fun and exciting desk accessories designed to keep everything in place while looking super chic.  

Hide those unsightly power strips and cords with something like NeatTech. This easy to install accessory management solution keeps cables contained and tucked away under most workstations, giving way to a nice clean look. 

Consider a monitor arm like this one for not only a sleeker desktop but also a healthier workforce. This clutter-free option of working promotes better posture 

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about improving your office environment and help inspire those big ideas. At SCI, our experienced team odesigners pride ourselves on Creating Happy Workplaces, it’s our mantra.  

Schedule your free design consultation with us today to get started on your springtime transformation.