Most people spend up to 40 hours a week in their office. Adding personal touches and fun décor to your workspace can help make you feel a little more “at home” in the office. One of the top office décor trends right now is going green by adding plants throughout the office. Not only do they contribute to the office’s overall design, but they have significant health and environmental benefits that people might not be aware of.

Boosts Workplace Aesthetics and Attractiveness

A plant placed on a desk or in a reception area can be a great focal point for employees and customers. They look beautiful and sometimes contribute a pleasant smell to the workplace depending on the type. Adding a few plants makes the office an inviting environment to potential employees when coming in for an interview as well.

Purifies the Air

Plants are known to improve the quality of the air in a building. To see maximum effects, the rule of thumb is to provide one plant for every three employees in the office.  They can reduce the amount of dust, mold, and other harmful pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and benzene in the air.

Improves Health

Adding some green to the office can have significant health benefits for the employees that work there. Since the plants are circulating and purifying the air, there are less germs and harmful bacteria spreading from person to person. Offices with plants see a decrease in their employee’s having minor illnesses which leads to a lower absenteeism rate among their employees at work.

Reduces Stress

We as humans have an instinctive desire to connect with nature, a notion described as ‘biophilia’ by scientists. By adding greenery inside the office, our moods are elevated providing us with a slight escape to the outdoor world. In the study of color psychology, green is known to promote feelings of being calm and relaxed.


A great way to make your office more sustainable is by adding plants throughout it. Plants can absorb unnecessary noise pollution within the office, making it easier to focus in individual offices. Factors to consider when using plants for sound absorption is the more the better, large planters are more effective, and plants should be placed around the perimeter of a space instead of in the middle of it.

Plants evaporate moisture from their leaves which can cool down or warm up a room. When the moisture is released in a warm air-filled room it can reduce the temperature up to 10 degrees. Adding moisture into a cool room makes it feel warmer because moist air tends to hold in the heat more. This means less wasted energy and money spent to turn on the AC or turn the heat up.

Improves Productivity

If there is one thing most employees have in common, it is that we always looking for ways to make ourselves more productive. Plants have been known to increase awareness within the office as well as increase creativity levels. Unable to focus? Need some inspiration? Add a plant or two to your workspace and let the brainstorming begin.