A company’s success is dependent on how seriously they consider employee wellness within the office. We put together the ultimate guide on ergonomics, selecting office furniture, and productivity boosting tips to keep your employees focused, happy, and healthy all day long.

Take a Seat and Sit Up Straight

For most office jobs, you spend most of your day sitting down at a desk. Making sure you have the best office furniture including a chair, desk, and other pieces can make a huge impact on your productivity and your overall health. Without proper ergonomic features, an office chair can lead to severe back injuries and other health issues. Not sure what features are important? Check out these ergonomic tips on what to look for in a chair and how to adjust your posture for optimal health.

Lighting Tips to Avoid Eye Strain

Having appropriate lighting in your workspace can make all the difference. When you have insufficient lighting, it causes your eyes to work harder to focus on the subject you are looking at. Whether it be your computer screen or papers on your desk- a task light, lamp, or even natural sunlight from a window can help your eyes adjust without having to strain.

Placement Matters

Many day to day activities at the office involve navigating the internet and using computer tools like a keyboard, mouse, and monitors. It is important to place any computer tools close to you to avoid reaching and muscle strain. There are many different tools and accessories available to help with this-including wireless mice, keyboard trays, and monitor arms.

A Healthy Office is a Happy Office

It is important to consider employee’s physical and mental health and the steps that can be taken to improve them within the office. To improve overall physical health, you can stay hydrated and eat nutritious foods, get some sunlight, and go for a walk on breaks or at lunch. Mental health is important to consider as well. To boost your mood and better your mental health at the office try steps like bringing outdoor elements inside and adding plants and other greenery in the office. Listening to music has been known to increase your mood as well. Explore some of these other tips to stay happy and healthy at the office all day long.

Office Ergonomic Tips 1 - The Ultimate Guide to Office Wellness and Ergonomics